Kurobe Okugane-yama

The west face of Okugane-yama (1,543 meter high), Kurobe in Toyama-pref. is one of the biggest climbing walls in Japan. The Kurobe river has eroded and scraped the mountain and made a deep gorge. The granite wall rises directly up from the river bed and the scale in height is 800 meters. Most climbers climb up the lower 400 meters only because the upper 400 meters is mostly covered by deep bush. As the altitude of the river bank is only 600 meter high, the gently inclined part of the wall is covered by unreliable grass which also annoys climbers. To reach the west face, climbers usually walk up through the river, sometimes crossing the waist deep water which runs very fast. You have to be very careful to cross the stream. Wading shoes (felt sole) are highly recommendable.

Climber: Eisaku Yamamoto and Tetsuya Ishida
Climbed between October 17 and 21, 1999.
Route: Kyoto (10/18 ~ 19) and Center Gully (10/20)

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01 02 03
First day, Oct. 17, Sun., we decided not to cross at this point. And stayed the night on this river bank. Second day, Oct. 18, Mon., setting the rope to secure river crossing.
04 05 06
setting the rope setting the rope "Hotel Okugane"
07 08 09
rain proof, falling rock proof, and ... looking up the West Face (lower part) Yamamoto is leading the 1st pitch of Kyoto route.

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