Kurobe Okugane-yama

Part 2

Climber: Eisaku Yamamoto and Tetsuya Ishida
Climbed between October 18 and 20, 1999.
Route: Kyoto (10/18 ~ 19) and Center Gully (10/20)

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01 02 03
Yamamoto is leading the 3rd pitch of Kyoto. 5 meter long roof requires good technique and muscle power
04 05 06
lowering down from the end of the 3rd pitch lowering down 90 meters to the river bed lit by afternoon sun
07 08 09
3rd day, Oct. 19, Tue., start climbing from the 4th pitch of Kyoto Yamamoto is leading the wet overhangs. looking down from the top of the 6th pitch

Continued in Part 3

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